Repetitive Motion Injuries

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A Repeat Performance

Bending your wrist, raising your arm above your head, or working with your elbow at an awkward angle- each is a simple movement you use to perform your job throughout the day. But if you repeat these or other motions over and over again while you work or play, you may develop repetitive motion injuries (also called cumulative trauma disorders or CTD). It could be days, months, even years before symptoms of pain or tingling appear in your hand or arm. But if you know how to work and play smart, symptoms may never appear. And if they do, you can take steps to prevent them from getting worse.

Are You at Risk?

If you use the same hand or arm movements each day, you could be at risk for developing repetitive motion injuries. Use this inspection checklist, to see if you’re likely to develop repetitive movement problems. If you check even one box, take steps now to reduce your chances of a repetitive motion injury.

Do Movements Include…

  • Using a lot of repetition in your hand and arm-either at work or play?
  • Frequently bending your wrist?
  • Frequently grasping or pinching objects?
  • Frequently raising your arm above your shoulder?
  • Frequently using a lot of force with your hand or arm?

Do Symptoms Include…

  • Waking up at night because of pain in your hand or arm?
  • Numbness in your fingers, hands, or arms?
  • Tingling in your hand or arm?
  • Ongoing aches in your hand or arm?

Working into Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries don’t just happen. By combining highly repetitive motions with fast, forceful movements and awkward positions over a period of time, you may set yourself up for repeat motion problems. Over using your hand or arm without giving them a chance to rest increases the odds of injury. The result? Pain and Minimal Movement. You have to break the pattern work: play smart and learn how to prevent repetitive motion injuries and their symptoms. Then you can avoid repetitive motion problems and look forward to remaining active and productive.

A Formula for Trauma

Are you setting yourself up for repetitive motion injuries? You’re more likely to get them if you frequently use too much force or repeat the same movements.

Exercise Regime

Whether your goal is to prevent repetitive motion injuries or to recover from them, just a few simple exercises can bring about big benefits. Exercise can help prevent further injury by increasing your strength and endurance. As a result, you’re more likely to stay healthy and able to work comfortably for longer periods of time. Your practitioner can help set up a daily exercise program for you. Developing a general plan of action that helps you live a healthy lifestyle-both on and off the job-is another good move you can make to keep in shape

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