Warm up your belly button

Have you ever wondered why your acupuncturist is constantly trying to
warm up your belly button? It’s because your belly button is the exact place of a very
important acupuncture point. In the west we refer to this point as CV 8 and in
Japanese it’s called shinketsu 神闕. Why the difference in naming? Acupuncture points
were numbered when the ancient art of acupuncture was introduced formally to the west.
Making it easier for practitioners, unable to read Chinese and Japanese, to learn the
points and use them successfully. In Japan, acupuncture points are still referred to
by their original kanji.

So whats the difference? Lets use CV 8 as an example: When I say CV 8 to a trained
western acupuncturist they will know, by route memorisation, that I am referring to
the point located at the belly button. If I say shinketsu to a Japanese or Chinese
acupuncturist than they will also know this but not because they memorised it but
because the points name 神闕 means life (神) and entrance to the umbilical cord (闕).
With a little bit of research and thought they will also understand the this is the
first place that life energy, or life chi, enters and exits the body. In short, while
changing the Chinese character into a number might of made it easier for us westerners
to read and remember the acupuncture points it also unfortunately meant that the
historical usage and placement detailed in the point names were lost.

So getting back to the original question: we put a hot stone on your belly button to
warm your internal organs and because it is considered one the most important places
for the entrance and exit of life energy. So the next time your thinking about
something that is makes you really nervous try putting your hands on your belly button
and breathing deeply. Feel the warmth of your body and the rhythm of your breath. Draw
the warmth of your breath through your nose and into your hands. Send this warmth into
your internal organs via the belly button and than exhale all of your stress through
your mouth. Relax and enjoy experiencing the flow of your life energy!

Heather Maya Suzuki