What is Menopause?

Technically the term menopause refers to the permanent ending of monthly periods, but in general use it often embraces the wide range of accompanying symptoms which make up the climacteric, or “change of life”. This phase of a woman’s life, when her ovaries stop producing eggs and her fertility declines and eventually ceases, may begin anywhere from the early for ties to the mid-fifties and usually takes two or three years. In a few women menstruation may stop suddenly with no previous change in the cycle, but in most women the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. Often periods become less heavy and occur further apart. However, they may occur more often, or follow the usual timing but with some missing altogether. Bleeding or spotting between normal periods, or after sexual intercourse, should always be discussed with your doctor – as should any bleeding that occurs a year or more after the last period. During the menopause, the ovaries reduce and finally cease production of not only eggs but also of estrogen, the hormone that maintains the female reproductive function. Some estrogen is still made somewhere in the body, particularly beneath the layers of fat beneath the skin, so plumper women experience less effects.

Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

Loss of estrogen brings about such symptoms as:

  • Hot flushes
  • Sweating at night
  • More frequent need to pass urine
  • Uncomfortable lack of lubricating fluid in the vagina
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings, and
  • Depression.


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What Conditions Respond to Acupuncture?

Acupuncture treats a wide variety of disorders. The World Health Organization lists over forty diseases that acupuncture can treat effectively. The following is a partial list of the most common ailments.

Nerve Disorder Bell’s Palsy (Facial Neuralgia) · Headache · Intercostal Neuralgia · Migraine · Numbness in hand and feet · Parkinson’s Disease · Shingles · Sciatica · Toothpain · Trigeminal Neuralgia
Motor System Disorder Back Pain · Bursitis · Herniated Disk · Knee Pain · Neck Pain · Repetitive Motion Injuries · Sprained Ankle · Sports Injuries · Stiff Shoulder · Tempromandibular Disorders · Tennis Elbow · Thoracic Outlet Syndrome · Whip Lash
Gastro-intestinal Disorder Anal Fissure · Constipation · Diarrhea · Gastritis · Gastroptosis · Hemorrhoid · Hepatitis · Indigestion · Irritable Bowel Syndrome · Kidney Stones · Stomatitis · Ulcer · Ulcerative Colitis
Circulatory Disorder Cold Constitution · Edema · Heart Problems · Heartthrob · High Blood Pressure · Jaundice · Low Blood Pressure
Endocrine Disorder Diabetes ·Thyroid Problem · Gout
Respiratory Disorder Asthma · Bronchitis ·Common Cold · Coughing · Sore Throat ·Tonsillitis
Urinary Disorder Cystitis · Enlarged prostate · Frequent Urination · Impotence · Kidney Inflammation · Mastitis · Male Infertility · Urethritis
Sensory System Disorder Deafness · Eczema ·Dermatitis · Dizziness · Eye fatigue/strain · Hayfever & Sinus · Meniere’s Disease · Myopia · Skin Infections · Tinnitus · Vertigo
Gynecological Disorder Breech · Cold Constitution ·Dizziness · Endometritis · Endometriosis · Hysteromyoma · Infertility (Acura Fertility Treatment) · Mastopathy · Menopause · Menses · Menstrual Disorder · Morning Sickness (BBC News)
Pediatric Disorder Asthma · Bedwetting · Diarrhea · Excessive Night Crying ·Indigestion · Thrush · Weak Constitution
Other Disorder Anxiety ·Autonomic Ataxia ·Breathlessness ·Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ·Hair Loss · Hernia · Insomnia · Sleeping Disorder · Multiple Sclerosis · Osteoporosis · Physical Condition Improvement · Psychosomatic Disorder · Quit Smoking · Stress Management ·Weight Control