What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a perception of a sound in the ears or head when no external sound source is actually present. The sound is usually of ringing, but it may also be a buzzing, roaring, whistling or hissing noise. It may also vary in its quality and intensity at different times. It is very common, affecting up to one in six of the adult population. Those with normal hearing as well as the deaf or hard of hearing may be affected.

Causes of Tinnitus

There are a number of situations, which can cause damage, or over stimulation of tiny hair cells in the inner ear. This results in an irregular series of nerve impulses being sent to the brain, which are then perceived as tinnitus. Major reasons for this occurring are hearing disorders associated with aging, and exposure to loud noise. The condition can also develop following an emotional upset or an illness, injury or infection, which may or may not be related to the hearing mechanism. Tinnitus can also appear as a side effect of or reaction to some types of drugs.

How is Tinnitus is diagnosed?

Many causes of tinnitus are already solved by simply cleaning out the ear. It may be that you need to stop taking, or reduce intake of, certain drugs, such as aspirin or quinine. Although damaged inner hair cells cannot be replaced; it is usually possible to reduce the distress caused by tinnitus.


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What Conditions Respond to Acupuncture?

Acupuncture treats a wide variety of disorders. The World Health Organization lists over forty diseases that acupuncture can treat effectively. The following is a partial list of the most common ailments.

Nerve Disorder Bell’s Palsy (Facial Neuralgia) · Headache · Intercostal Neuralgia · Migraine · Numbness in hand and feet · Parkinson’s Disease · Shingles · Sciatica · Toothpain · Trigeminal Neuralgia
Motor System Disorder Back Pain · Bursitis · Herniated Disk · Knee Pain · Neck Pain · Repetitive Motion Injuries · Sprained Ankle · Sports Injuries · Stiff Shoulder · Tempromandibular Disorders · Tennis Elbow · Thoracic Outlet Syndrome · Whip Lash
Gastro-intestinal Disorder Anal Fissure · Constipation · Diarrhea · Gastritis · Gastroptosis · Hemorrhoid · Hepatitis · Indigestion · Irritable Bowel Syndrome · Kidney Stones · Stomatitis · Ulcer · Ulcerative Colitis
Circulatory Disorder Cold Constitution · Edema · Heart Problems · Heartthrob · High Blood Pressure · Jaundice · Low Blood Pressure
Endocrine Disorder Diabetes ·Thyroid Problem · Gout
Respiratory Disorder Asthma · Bronchitis ·Common Cold · Coughing · Sore Throat ·Tonsillitis
Urinary Disorder Cystitis · Enlarged prostate · Frequent Urination · Impotence · Kidney Inflammation · Mastitis · Male Infertility · Urethritis
Sensory System Disorder Deafness · Eczema ·Dermatitis · Dizziness · Eye fatigue/strain · Hayfever & Sinus · Meniere’s Disease · Myopia · Skin Infections · Tinnitus · Vertigo
Gynecological Disorder Breech · Cold Constitution ·Dizziness · Endometritis · Endometriosis · Hysteromyoma · Infertility (Acura Fertility Treatment) · Mastopathy · Menopause · Menses · Menstrual Disorder · Morning Sickness (BBC News)
Pediatric Disorder Asthma · Bedwetting · Diarrhea · Excessive Night Crying ·Indigestion · Thrush · Weak Constitution
Other Disorder Anxiety ·Autonomic Ataxia ·Breathlessness ·Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ·Hair Loss · Hernia · Insomnia · Sleeping Disorder · Multiple Sclerosis · Osteoporosis · Physical Condition Improvement · Psychosomatic Disorder · Quit Smoking · Stress Management ·Weight Control