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Ejaculation Delayed & Premature

What is Ejaculation Delayed&Premature?

Premature and delayed ejaculation are problems which some men experience in the context of sexual arousal. In premature ejaculation, orgasm occurs immediately on, or even prior to, vaginal penetration. In delayed ejaculation, orgasm does not occur within the vagina, regardless of how prolonged the intercourse is. The normal sexual response in men consists of four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

  • Excitement: This stage begins with a sexual stimulus, which may be anything from looking at an erotic image, having erotic thoughts, to direct stimulation of the penis.
  • Plateau: This stage is reached when there has been further stimulation. Sexual arousal is intensified to the point at which the reflex response of orgasm becomes almost inevitable, except where the male suffers from delayed ejaculation.
  • Orgasm: This stage lasts just a few seconds, but is accompanied by a great intensity of sensation, and ejaculation (the reflex action of pumping semen out of the penis).
  • Resolution: This is the final phase, when the penis becomes flaccid, and further arousal is not possible. The resolution period may be as short as a few minutes in young men, but perhaps 24 hours or more in older men.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Occasional premature ejaculation is common in most men at some time. However, the greatest difficulties occur when the problem is persistent, particularly in a stable relationship. As both partners experience anxiety and frustration, the situation can become worse. There are several theories about why men have these problems. The most convincing is that the individual’s early attitudes to sex have been coloured by guilt, and intercourse is seen as something that ought to be accomplished quickly. It may also be that voluntary control over the plateau stage has not been learnt.

What causes Delayed Ejaculation?

In delayed ejaculation, the man cannot reach an orgasm, regardless how long intercourse continues. There is often a subconscious anxiety about ejaculating into the vagina that subdues this reflex response. This can occur occasionally in all men, as a result of stress, anxiety, or excess alcohol, and may appear with one partner and not another. Persistent problems might be due to the strict upbringing in which “sex” was considered wrong, or to hostility towards the partner ; or to a fear of pregnancy.

Are Delayed and Premature Ejaculation serious problems?

Premature ejaculation is the most common form of sexual dysfunction, and anxiety about it may produce serious problems in the relationship. These difficulties should be confronted before they damage a relationship beyond the point of repair.


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