Sore Throat

What is a Sore Throat?

A sore throat is one of the most common of all medical conditions. The familiar raw feeling at the back of the throat can be accompanied by dryness and difficulty in swallowing. Usually the back of the throat looks red and sore, and a sore throat may affect the voice and cause hoarseness. A sore throat may occur on its own, but it is more likely to be one of several symptoms.

What causes a Sore Throat?

The most frequent cause of a sore throat is a cold or flu. If the throat is very sore, red and swollen, the cause could be tonsillitis or pharyngitis. If there is hoarseness, this may mean that the larynx is inflamed. If there are no other symptoms of a cold or flu, and no hoarseness, but there is swelling around the jawbone towards the ears, the cause could be mumps, especially in children. If the glands in the neck are swollen the cause may be glandular fever, particularly in adolescents and young adults.


  • Dry throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Back of throat appears red and swollen
  • Throat and neck may be tender and swollen around the jaw and ears or at the front
  • Tiny glands in the neck may be swollen


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What Conditions Respond to Acupuncture?

Acupuncture treats a wide variety of disorders. The World Health Organization lists over forty diseases that acupuncture can treat effectively. The following is a partial list of the most common ailments.

Nerve Disorder Bell’s Palsy (Facial Neuralgia) · Headache · Intercostal Neuralgia · Migraine · Numbness in hand and feet · Parkinson’s Disease · Shingles · Sciatica · Toothpain · Trigeminal Neuralgia
Motor System Disorder Back Pain · Bursitis · Herniated Disk · Knee Pain · Neck Pain · Repetitive Motion Injuries · Sprained Ankle · Sports Injuries · Stiff Shoulder · Tempromandibular Disorders · Tennis Elbow · Thoracic Outlet Syndrome · Whip Lash
Gastro-intestinal Disorder Anal Fissure · Constipation · Diarrhea · Gastritis · Gastroptosis · Hemorrhoid · Hepatitis · Indigestion · Irritable Bowel Syndrome · Kidney Stones · Stomatitis · Ulcer · Ulcerative Colitis
Circulatory Disorder Cold Constitution · Edema · Heart Problems · Heartthrob · High Blood Pressure · Jaundice · Low Blood Pressure
Endocrine Disorder Diabetes ·Thyroid Problem · Gout
Respiratory Disorder Asthma · Bronchitis ·Common Cold · Coughing · Sore Throat ·Tonsillitis
Urinary Disorder Cystitis · Enlarged prostate · Frequent Urination · Impotence · Kidney Inflammation · Mastitis · Male Infertility · Urethritis
Sensory System Disorder Deafness · Eczema ·Dermatitis · Dizziness · Eye fatigue/strain · Hayfever & Sinus · Meniere’s Disease · Myopia · Skin Infections · Tinnitus · Vertigo
Gynecological Disorder Breech · Cold Constitution ·Dizziness · Endometritis · Endometriosis · Hysteromyoma · Infertility (Acura Fertility Treatment) · Mastopathy · Menopause · Menses · Menstrual Disorder · Morning Sickness (BBC News)
Pediatric Disorder Asthma · Bedwetting · Diarrhea · Excessive Night Crying ·Indigestion · Thrush · Weak Constitution
Other Disorder Anxiety ·Autonomic Ataxia ·Breathlessness ·Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ·Hair Loss · Hernia · Insomnia · Sleeping Disorder · Multiple Sclerosis · Osteoporosis · Physical Condition Improvement · Psychosomatic Disorder · Quit Smoking · Stress Management ·Weight Control