Fertility Treatment

Reproductive Wellness (Fertility Acupuncture Treatment)

Our clinic is one of the leading alternative treatment clinic in Tokyo specializing in male and female reproductive issues.

Thanks to our team of experienced professionals who specialize in reproductive endocrinology, we are able to provide an in-depth analysis of your condition and upon request, refer you to an English speaking reproductive endocrinologist in Tokyo for a more detailed check up including HSG (Hysterosalpinogram) , ultrasound, specific blood analysis for antiphospholipid anti-body, etc.

Moreover, we are also able to provide professional advice in receiving IVF or IUI in Tokyo because of our close affliations with clinics and doctors mentioned below. We are also experienced in the treatment of patients suffering from recurrent miscarriage or have in the past shown no results with conventional medicine alone.

Acupuncture’s most promising areas of infertility treatment are:

Female Fertility:

  1. Improvement of egg(ovum) quality for patients with age-related decreased ovarian reserve (≥ 40 years of age)
  2. Management of stress associated with subfertility (oxidative stress, increased prolactin levels, endocrine irregularity)
  3. Luteal-phase defect
  4. Prevention of miscarriage for older women receiving ART (≥ 40 years of age)
  5. Improvement in implantation rates, on-going pregnancy rate, and live birth rate.
  6. Thin Endometrium
  7. High FSH
  8. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

In-Vitro Fertilization:

  1. Folliculogenesis failure (maturation failure of the ovarian follicle)
  2. Fertilization Failure
  3. Improvement in blastocyst reaching rate

Male Fertility:

  1. Improvement in morphology (shape) and motility (ability to swim forward), sperm count
  2. Improvement of blood circulation to the testis (varicocele vein)
  3. Improvement of  male libido

About Our Director:

Our director, Taiken Jo, is a member of American Society of Reproductive Medicine and is a specialist in reproductive (infertility) acupuncture. He has received professional training from Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School and holds a certificate in Integrative Health from the University of Arizona School of Medicine. You may see his profile here.  Director Taiken Jo’s Profile

We take pride in providing the very best levels of personalized treatment to all our patients, going the extra mile in consulting carefully with everyone we see in order to tailor all treatment programs to the individual’s needs and condition.

Doctor Cooperation

Our clinic works closely with the following clinics and doctors in Tokyo:

If you are interested in receiving acupuncture to boost your chances for conception,  call us today to book an appointment. Should you have any preliminary questions, please get in touch through our  contact form.