新型コロナウイルス感染対策についてOur Covid-19 Virus Policy

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この度、東京都が4月13日に発出した緊急事態措置 休止要請施設において、鍼灸院は「社会生活を維持するうえで必要な施設」の「医療施設」(病院・薬局等)と同様の対応となり、休止対象外となってます。




• 極力ベッドとベッドの間隔を空け、隣同士にならないようにしています。
• 患者様には来院時に手指の消毒、マスクの着用必須でお願いしています。マスクをお持ちでない場合は、当院でマスクを購入し、治療をお受けていただきます。
• 引き続き、37.5℃以上の熱があるかた、せき・息切れのあるかた、新型コロナウィルス感染症の患者様と濃厚接触があった方の治療はお断りしております。


• 毎朝、検温・体調チェック
• 施術ごとの手指消毒
• マスクを着用しての施術


• 免疫力アップのためのツボを毎回使用しています。コロナウィルスに感染しても、80%の人が無症状だといわれています。無症状とそうでない人の違いはまだ究明できていませんが、有効な薬・ワクチンがない中、私たちにできることは鍼灸を通じた免疫力向上だと考えております。不要不急でない方の治療はお断りさせていただいておりますが、どうしても体調がすぐれない方、採卵や移植を控えている方に限っては治療をお引き受けさせていただいております。


Our Treatment Policy under Covid-19 Corona Virus

Acupuncture is considered to be a part of essitial business, therefore, like other medical facilites such as clinic and pharmacies,  permitted to continue practice.


However, we practice  under these precautionary measures below:


Our clinic policy
1)You are required to wear a mask during the treatment and asked to sanitize your hand upon entry into our clinic. (We require you to purchase disposal mask if you do not have one to receive treatment.)
2)Distancing your bed from the next patient
3)We continue to ask from refraining to visit us should you have fever of more than 37.5 degrees, if you are coughing or have shortness of breath, or have been in close contact with person infected with Covid-19 virus.


About our facility
1)Sterlize all medical equipments
3)Sterilize everything you come in contact with frequently with alcohol
4)Limit the number of patients plus number of staffs in order to allow social distance.


Practioners’ health
1)All our practioners are requried to wear a mask throughout the treatment.
2)Disinfection of hands after contact with each and every patient
3)Daliy health check (temperature etc) before start of practice


Our acupuncture treatment
1)Currently, there are no valid medication or vaccination toward this virus. One of the characteristics of this virus is that 80% of those infected show no symptom. However, we’re not able to identify what causes immunity in 80% of the population. Therefore, the best solution right now would be for everyone to boost their immune system. China has used herbs and acupuncture, moxibustion(heat treatment) to treat Covid-19 patients and data show that acupuncture, used in conjunction with western medicine proves more benefical than western medicine alone. Many people are resorting to taking control of their own health in China, and that’s what we will strive to achieve for patients who  have to visit our clinic under these circumstances. However, we are still restricting  patients on needs only basis. If you are in pain, suffering from stress, experiencing discomfort or going through fertility treatment, then we are here to help you.